Abdallah Al Shamsi

Editor, Shawati Magazine

“Jonathan is a visionary professional who doesn't treat his subjects as a still-life, but as a living array of stories that he documents through his lens as they pass by. I've worked with him on several projects, but the one that stands out the most is my first commission to him to take pictures for Abu Dhabi Art, which was later published in Shawati' Magazine, a quarterly bilingual culture and current affairs journal, published in Abu Dhabi. Jonathan managed to capture the mood of the event through its people and not through its smoke-and-mirrors of VIP guests, lounges and cheap free-flowing champagne. His images reflected the anticipation of the art dealer, the searching eye of the collector and the neurotic gestures of the artists. In my personal opinion, his work is a staple I would use to share with other photographers I would hire.”